Childhood Immunization

The goal of the Torrington Area Health District Childhood Immunization Program is to ensure that all children are appropriately immunized by age two. Together with the State of Connecticut Immunization Program, we are able to provide educational material to parents and healthcare workers. We provide assistance to families in obtaining immunizations for their children through local providers. We are also an integral part of the Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System (CIRTS), which tracks children's immunization records at 7 and 19 months. We provide outreach services to those that have fallen behind and we are a local immunization resource for parents, schools and physicians.

The Diseases Vaccines Prevent & What You Need To Know

The following list of diseases can be prevented or minimized through vaccinations. Complications from these diseases can lead to pneumonia, brain damage, heart problems, blindness, and even death. By clicking on the disease you will be linked to a site that provides information about the disease and the vaccine.