Community Health Programs

The Community Health Programs of the TAHD are intended to address the eight basic health programs as required for funding by the Connecticut Department of Public Health. The eight programs are Public Health Statistics, Health Education, Nutritional Services, Maternal and Child Health, Communicable and Chronic Disease Control, Environmental Services, Community Nursing Services, and Emergency Medical Services. TAHD Community Health Programs are based on public health statistics, demographics, and various local community health assessments.

The TAHD uses federal, state and local grants to carry out most of its Community Health Programs. These funds are sometimes based on competitive grants awarded to the TAHD because of the many population-based services already offered by the Health District. The TAHD is also in a strong position to contribute in-kind facilities and services to broaden the affects of most grants beyond their anticipated goals. All these programs are designed to promote mental, emotional and physical health and well being, and to prevent disease.