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Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System (CIRTS)

The Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System (CIRTS), is a FREE statewide, computerized program established and maintained at the Connecticut Department of Public Health for the purpose of assuring timely childhood immunizations. The Registry includes such information as is necessary to accurately identify a child and to assess current immunization status. CIRTS can:

  •    Keep permanent records of children’s shots
  •    Let doctors keep track of their children’s immunization histories in a computerized database
  •    Give parents their children’s immunization histories for daycare, school, and camp
  •    Provide parents with immunization information in the future even if they move away from Connecticut or their baby’s doctor retires

All personal information including vaccination status and dates of vaccination of individuals shall be confidential as required by Connecticut law. Only the parent(s)/child’s legal guardian, child’s doctor, or health care workers who can assist with missed opportunities or missed immunizations have access to CIRTS.

Upon receiving a request from CIRTS, all healthcare providers administering vaccinations to children in CT shall report those vaccinations to CIRTS.

How are Children enrolled in CIRTS?

If your child was born in Connecticut, he or she is enrolled in CIRTS from his or her birth certificate information.

If your child was not born in Connecticut, enrollments forms are available here and can be printed and returned to your child's doctor or to ssawula@tahd.

Check out the state's CIRTS video for more information.